Air Purification System

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LeverEdge Air Treatment System

Improve the quality of indoor air with the LeverEdge Air Treatment System by Executive Water Systems. Combining Ozone and UV Technologies; the LeverEdge Air Treatment System is a unique, self-contained air system that reduces harmful contaminants and odors found in most home or small business air circulation systems.

The LeverEdge Air Treatment System purifies home air just like nature does. Both UV and Ozone are well proven air cleaners, working even better together. UV energy is continuously produced and ozone is automatically produced when air is flowing through your heating/ventilation system.

Breakthrough technology proving superior indoor air quality

    • Controls Indoor Order
    • Optimum Safety & Efficiency
    • Approved Lab Testing
    • Treats The Air For Your Whole Home
    • Reliable & Low-Maintenance Design
    • Uses Less Power Than A 60watt Light-bulb
    • A Great Addition To Air Filters & Humidifiers