Benefits Of Filtered Water

Drinking – The drinking of water containing contaminants allows these contaminants to enter the body. Many people already have concerns about their drinking water and its effect on their health. Carbon-based filters for refrigerator ice machines are magnets for bacteria if not changed regularly. An Executive Water Systems whole-house filter eliminates need and concomitant risk of using ice machine filters.

Showering/Washing – Showering and washing your hands exposes your skin to harmful contaminants. Among the chemicals absorbed are cancer-causing chlorine and its derivatives. What’s more, the longer you shower or wash, the more chlorine you absorb because warm water enlarges your skin’s pores, facilitating absorption. This means showering in chlorinated water is much more dangerous than drinking the same water. In fact, while showering, your body absorbs 6 times the contaminants it does when you drink 8 glasses of water.

Food Preparation – Washing fruit, vegetables, and meat as well as watering your home vegetable garden has the potential to spread contaminants to your food. Executive Water Systems provides the healthy antidote.

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