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EWS knows how important good customer service is and making a great experience to remember. This is our goal, to achieve long lasting relationships and many years of future service.


We use composite and fiberglass pressure tanks. Our product is NSF certified and has an…


EWS only uses Goulds Pumps. We install all types with various horsepower and stage pumps.…


With a whole house UV system, this is the ultimate addition to sanitization and disinfection…


Our application for treating Iron and Sulfur is unique and proven to work in the…

We offer the best solutions for water treatment in your home, apartment or manufacturing plant.


For a more accurate water analysis, we test water on-site, directly from the source to provide proper treatment options for optimum effectiveness and customized systems.


Get customized water treatment systems, pumping, and irrigation solutions including veggie/fruit washing and wastewater recycling for the many areas of the agricultural market.


Get complete and comprehensive water Purification/Filtration System with Storage tanks designed and sized for your specific needs.


EWS offers the ultimate in water solutions for commercial applications. Whether servicing or installing a system for a business, water treatment is becoming more of a necessity and infinitely beneficial to any consumer.


Declining Water & Air quality has brought awareness for the need to Purify & Sanitize in our homes. Whether municipal or well water, many families enjoy the benefits of having their very own water treatment system.


The Air Purification System we use is effective, economical, safe, automatic and has no chemicals…