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EWS knows how important good customer service is and making a great experience to remember. This is our goal, to achieve long lasting relationships and many years of future service.


For a more accurate water analysis, we test water on-site, directly from the source to provide proper treatment options for optimum effectiveness and customized systems.


Get customized water treatment systems, pumping, and irrigation solutions including veggie/fruit washing and wastewater recycling for the many areas of the agricultural market.


Get complete and comprehensive water Purification/Filtration System with Storage tanks designed and sized for your specific needs.


EWS offers the ultimate in water solutions for commercial applications. Whether servicing or installing a system for a business, water treatment is becoming more of a necessity and infinitely beneficial to any consumer.


Declining Water & Air quality has brought awareness for the need to Purify & Sanitize in our homes. Whether municipal or well water, many families enjoy the benefits of having their very own water treatment system.